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Lawyer for hire.


As the Pareto principle says, 80% of your profits bring you 20% of the things that you do. The rest 80% of the time is spent by you on what brings only 20% of the total profit. Why do not you maximize your profits and earn more? You do not need to be a business coach to come to this conclusion: delegate and outsource something that is not that your 20 percent effective time.
Our experts do what they know best. Therefore, we will be happy to unload you, so that you do “your business and earn money”, namely:

  • provide legal advice on the activities of your business: what to do, how to do it and how to minimize risks;
  • subtracts to each letter of the contract, which are offered to the conclusion of your partners, it’s not a secret that very often they contain inconspicuous at first sight or ambiguous points in terms of work or responsibility, and then it turns out that you have to do work for a million dollars in volumes of the value of the contract one hundred thousand hryvnias, or fines and penalties will nullify all the benefits and economic benefits of the contract;
  • we will prepare and develop contracts just for you and for your operations, taking into account all the nuances and wishes: as a good stylist, he understands that each client is individual, so his image should be “not a template”, so our lawyers work with you in tandem to achieve the desired goal;
  • we will help you to defend your positions in the pre-trial settlement of disputes with counterparties;
  • we will protect your interests in courts both in disputes with other companies, and with “subjects of power”, as KASU tells us.
    Our lawyers do not burn out, they constantly develop and are ready to be your strong shoulder.


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