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Special for IT business


Ukraine is the breadbasket of IT business start-ups. We are known not only brave and brave Cossacks, but also unique talented specialists in the juicy world of software and technology.

Our lawyers will help you to protect as much as possible what you create in the legal field and choose the optimal organizational and legal forms of the functioning of your business.

We will tell:

  • How to organize IT business and where to start;
  • How to choose the form of taxation and where to pay taxes (by source of origin or by your status of residence / non-residence)
    how to properly formulate relations with employees, developers and other stakeholders;
  • prepare your own understandable and transparent contracts for the development of software (both with developers and with customers);
  • We will develop licensing agreements, confidentiality policies, agreements on avoidance of competition and so-called. “Do not entice”, we will conduct another paper-boring for such creative personalities as you work (at the same time extremely important for protecting your rights and interests);
  • we will help to understand what is intellectual property and to whom it should belong, as well as how to protect copyrights and related rights;
  • and of course, we will help you to ably answer the requests of supervisory bodies and pass inspections (we all know how our tax and other state supervision bodies like IT specialists and companies).


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