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Tax disputes


With controlling bodies, as with fire, it is not worth joking. Especially in Ukraine.
As French Minister of Finance Jean-Paul B. Colbert said, taxation is the art of scaling the geese so as to obtain a maximum of feathers with a minimum of squeak. Therefore, our team of experts is ready to become your tax advisor and help the goose keep your feathers!
For our clients we offer:

  • to provide legal advice on the correctness and conformity of your actions with the requirements of the basic legal act of the State fiscal service – the Tax Code – both orally and in writing;
  • analyze contracts and documents and identify weaknesses and risks that may cause tax authority doubts, such as the reality of operations, to make recommendations for bringing such documentation in line with the requirements of the current legislation and the purpose of the transaction;
  • analyze letters and inquiries from DFS authorities on the legality and legality of the requirements contained therein and accordingly prepare a response to them with them that will be sufficient and understandable for the tax service;
  • together with you, consider the legality of the grounds for conducting inspections, analyzing compliance with all the required tax requirements, and also weighing all pros and cons and helping you to make such a difficult decision on admittance-non-compliance of officials to verification;
  • help prepare for tax audit and walk side by side with you;
  • Prepare an objection to the act of verification in case of such need and ensure that it is reviewed with the participation of your representatives and the public;
  • and of course, in the case of disagreement with the act and the decision made on its basis, appeal the latter in an administrative or judicial manner.

Also, if the tax threatens you with an administrative arrest of property or lodge an application for the seizure of funds on accounts, emergency assistance is already on the road!


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