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Fire disputes.


Given that the bodies DSNS, or firemen, as they say, today as in the businesses had an ambiguous attitude, we understand how important it is to build a proper defense strategy of “Fire disputes.”

DSO does not believe in tears, therefore, to prove their point of view after checking the firefighters, most likely, is already in court. And there, for the judges themselves, who are not specialists in the field of fire, special knowledge is needed. The combination of an expert and legal component is what our company offers.

A patrol from a lawyer and an expert on issues of fire and technological safety is ready:

accompany you during the fire inspection;
consider, analyze and provide a legal assessment of the validity of acts, orders, orders, orders, etc., issued by the DSNC;
Be your guide, inspirational, and lithreader in all meanings of this word when dealing with the authorities of the field of “fighters with fire”;
to help understand what guided body DSNS in identifying and fixing comments (violations) of fire safety in your facility (comprehensive analysis of these violations of the act, legality and validity of selected responses and comparability of their identified weaknesses and potential threats to life and health u people)
to develop a strategic and tactical plan to eliminate the identified shortcomings;
to form a legal position and tactics of actions with the fire authorities, to accompany the appeal of their decisions both in the administrative order and in the court.


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